Binary option popular translation

Despite the relatively new options, the popularity of binary options is rising. 
Why is binary option so popular? 
Here are some of the reasons.

Binary option

First of all, it is the clarity of the rules represented by HIGH / LOW. 
Since HIGH / LOW is a two-option transaction that goes up or down, you can easily trade if you learn the rules. 
The threshold is very low for beginners.

It is also a big attraction that the time to decide the outcome is decided. 
In the discretionary trading, if you cross the day and week while holding the position, it will be very stressful, but if it is a binary option, the win and loss will be decided on time, and the settlement will be completed, so you will hold the position that is common to the discretionary trading There is no need to be frustrated. 
If you do FX, you will often feel stressed, but with binary options you will be free from the stress of holding such positions.

Then, the point that the loss is limited by the bet amount. 
Binary options always win or lose at a fixed time, and losses are limited to the amount you have bet and will never be more than that. 
On the other hand, in the case of ordinary discretionary trading, the timing of taking a position and the timing of settlement may cause unreliable losses if the timing of settlement is incorrect, which may result in a large loss if realized, and conversely, profit can not be settled well and profit is totally achieved. There are times when it does not, but if the binary option wins, the profit will be decided exactly. 
It’s easy to get a position that suits your money. Money management is important in FX.

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